Uncover actionable insights in real-time with Verkada’s Security Camera

VERKADA – Security Camera

The most effective security camera system, including Built-in storage that can hold video for up to 365 days. As soon as the cameras get any information, the system automatically updates. Unlimited Cloud Archiving, as well as access to a single centralized dashboard including all live footage and security access for your whole team.

Proactive Security Alerts

Secure Remote Access


Advanced Search Filters

Automatic Updates

License Plate Recognition

Live Access Feeds


Motion Plotting

People & Vehicle Analytics



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Dome Series

Verkada’s Dome Series, which is built for durability and great performance, provides enterprise security in a variety of types for any indoor or outdoor location. Dome cameras are unobtrusive, vandal-resistant, and easy to install. The new dome generation features up to twice as much internal storage as the previous generation and a new specialized computer vision processor.

Mini Series

Verkada’s Mini-Series is designed for flexibility without sacrificing picture quality, and it combines enterprise-grade security with robust performance for sophisticated edge-based analytics. Verkada micro cameras, with their small form factors, are ideal for a variety of applications.

Fisheye Series

The Fisheye Series incorporates strong onboard processing to provide dynamic viewing experiences. With digital pan-tilt-zoom, you may get a 180o panoramic view, a four-way split, or an immersive 360o view of any environment. The CF81-E is suitable for all security purposes, as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Bullet Series

Verkada’s Bullet Series combines enterprise-grade security, cutting-edge technology, and onboard storage in a striking form factor. The Bullet Series, which is available in two lens designs, wide and telephoto, is designed to survive the harshest situations. Each camera has a sealed aluminum enclosure that keeps cameras safe with IK10 vandal-resistant and IP67 waterproof standards.

D-Series Cameras

The D-Series combines the advantages of Verkada’s hybrid cloud business video security system with the tools required to improve visibility across your physical environments.

Viewing Station

The VX52 is a dedicated device that can stream up to 300 camera feeds to any monitor while maintaining ultra-low latency, excellent video playback, adjustable layouts, and customizable Smart Tiles. The VX52 is the viewing platform of choice for clients with mission-critical real-time watching needs since it is built on the powerful Apple TV 4KTM platform and has an A12 Bionic Chip.

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