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Hastings County

“This letter is to confirm MAXtech was awarded a surveillance system RFP by Hastings County for the installation of a cloud based security system. The project encompasses approximately 40 properties and 250 cameras. MAXtech is utilizing Verkada cameras and cloud storage to satisfy the requirements of the project.

MAXtech has provided Hastings County with excellent advice on both product technology and overall security of the properties. Installation and project management have exceeded expectations throughout the project. Hastings County very much appreciates the expertise that MAXtech brings to the table and will continue to utilize their services in the future.”

Noble Corporation

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Varien Solutions Inc. o/o MaxTech Security Systems. We started working with MaxTech in March of 2021 on a project to install a new security camera system at our main warehouse and corporate office location. We originally decided to partner with MaxTech, following initial introductions, as they were very responsive and professional in answering our questions and were knowledgeable in all aspects of the solution we required.

MaxTech provided a site survey with detailed drawings showing the number and locations of all cameras as required by our organization. Throughout the process they provided the technical information needed to help us make a final decision. The project involved the procurement of 144 cameras and all materials required for installation. The installation work commenced on June 3rd, 2021 and was completed, on schedule, on June 30, 2021. The on-site technicians were courteous and professional and the installation was completed with minimum disruptions.

As a result of the successful implementation at our main location, we were confident in expanding the security camera system to our branch network. There are now an additional 236 cameras installed at 35 of our branch locations with more branches to be scheduled in 2022.

Town of The Blue Mountains

MAXtech was the winning vendor for our 2020 RFP: 2020-28-P-FIT Supply & Install Video Surveillance System. For this RFP we were asking for a new cloud managed camera system that could be deployed Town wide and that supported low to very low bandwidth installations (MAXtech recommended a Verkada system based on our requirements). As part of the RFP the vendor was to provide installation and support services for several initial sites.

City of Welland

MaxTech Security Systems was awarded RFP22-02, to Supply and Install Security Cameras and Software to City Hall and the Library. The RFP submission was thorough and well considered, and their questions and insight helped focus the project goals. The accepted proposal was for 23 cameras with the Verkada cloud-based system.

MaxTech worked with City and Library schedules and staff to minimize disruption, and the installation went quickly. Everyone was helpful and professional, and the entire project was well managed.

I’m happy to recommend MaxTech and look forward to working with them on future expansion.

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