Security Assessments

MAXtech has been providing corporate asset protection (CAP) solutions since 2004 with one goal: to provide peace of mind through efficient and effective use of technology.

Review the physical security and life safety program at the property

Identify opportunities to strengthen the security program where appropriate

Prepare and submit a security assessment report identifying findings, conclusions and prioritized recommendations

The demand for result-oriented risk control methodology continues to increase in risk management communities as Companies and Corporations look to conserve assets and minimize costs.

Our Risk Control Service is uniquely qualified to provide a systematic approach to meet such growing concerns. Because we realize the importance of risk control as an element of both profitable site management and successful risk management, we are committed to providing our clients with a complete line of innovative result-oriented services. Our full line of Risk Control Services includes site risk analysis, risk improvement services, and risk control management.

Site Risk Analysis is designed to provide an accurate balanced assessment of risk for site security purposes. The Site Risk Analysis will provide the necessary level of details on all aspects of the risk as well as a definitive statement on the desirability of the risk from a Risk Control standpoint.

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Security Systems

We provide a modern security solution through a combination of technology and human oversight. Our system consists of complex software and human monitoring.

Locksmith Services

We provide a wide range of locksmith services including lock installation, rekeying, replacing locks and more.

Video Analytics

We use various state-of-the-art software to analyze video in real time. Our tools allow us to do facial recognition, provide cash and fraud metrics, offer marketing statistics and much more.

Preventative Maintenance

We take a preventive approach to our services. All components of your security system will be maintained properly by highly trained professionals.

Security Assessments

Security is a critical component of a property manager’s or owner’s job. We’ll carefully assess your entire property and identify the security strengths and weaknesses.

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