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MAXtech has been providing corporate asset protection (CAP) solutions since 2004 with one goal: to provide peace of mind through efficient and effective use of technology.


Networking is at the core of every CAP solution. MAXtech can create or integrate with your current secure network. Notifications from your intrusion system through your network is fast becoming the norm. IP video products are taking the place of older analog/CCTV devices utilizing your network as a gateway to capture and view your video. Access systems can be shared over your network to allow multiple users the ability to control and affect instant change to employee cards as well as control doors and elevators with a click of your mouse. MAXtech can provide you with a variety of solutions to aid in the flow of your day to day operations.

It is important when considering a CAP solution to look at your business from the ground up. There are many components involved that aid in the smooth and effiicent running of a facility. MAXtech can monitor all of your vital systems 24/7 ensuring a fast response when you need to be notified about changes or failures of systems. Some of these systems may include cooling, heating, panic, medical, generator alerts, flood alerts as well as carbon monoxide and natural gas detection systems.

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