MAXtech has been providing corporate asset protection (CAP) solutions since 2004 with one goal ~ to provide peace of mind through the efficient and effective use of technology.

Technology is ever evolving, and therefore so are we. Maxtech offers fully customized systems with leading edge technologies to protect your assets. Our clientele have come to rely on us for all of their asset protection needs.

Networking is at the core of every CAP solution. Maxtech can create or integrate with your current secure network. Notifications from your intrusion system through your network is fast becoming the norm. IP video products are taking the place of older analog/cctv devices utilizing your network as a gateway to capture and view your video. Access systems can be shared over your network to allow multiple users the ability to control and affect instant change to employee cards as well as control doors and elevators with a click of your mouse. MAXtech can provide you with a variety of solutions to aid in the flow of your day to day operations.

It is important when considering a CAP solution to look at your business from the ground up. There are many components involved that aid in the smooth and efficient running of a facility. MAXtech can monitor all of your vital systems 24/7 ~ ensuring a fast response when you need to be notified about changes or failures of systems at your facility. Some of these systems may include cooling, heating, panic, medical, generator alerts, flood alerts as well as carbon monoxide and natural gas detection systems. We also monitor FIRE systems including Fire Panels and Sprinkler Risers. Utilizing networks and integration of intrusion, access control and video surveillance Maxtech can provide you with real time updates or your facilities across the globe.

Intrusion solutions ~ The first line of defense is your intrusion alarm system. MAXtech provides superior solutions custom tailored to any size facility, with up to three layers of protection at every entrance and exit providing maximum protection with zero false alarms.
Access solutions ~ At MAXtech we understand the importance of having an access system that allows the freedom and mobility of its employees and partners to access their premises whenever necessary, while maintaining the integrity of a secure facility. Schedules can be created to suit your corporate work and holiday needs. Access levels can be customized for different levels of control at every door. Elevators can be controlled to allow access to individual or groups of floors. Every card swipe can provide a unique audit trail of its employees. The integration of your access with both your intrusion and video systems provides seamless tracking and control of your entire facility.
Video solutions ~ surveillance is an integral part of asset protection and MAXtech provides solutions that can capture the details you need. Today’s technologies provide superior quality of captured video. Network access and the ability to view your video system from anywhere in the world, 24/7, is important to you and to us. DVRs & NVRs are easily networked to provide real-time viewing of you facility with the enhanced ability to access your video from your phone or tablet while on the go in today’s fast paced world.
At MAXtech we employ the skilled professionals needed to install and maintain security systems. Coupled with our knowledge of the latest technologies, and installation methods, MAXtech guarantees our projects will help reduce your losses while maintaining your peace of mind. Blank sheet.